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Are you searching for a CBD wholesaler offering quality products?
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CBD Wholesaler. Differents cannabinoids available: CBD, H4CBD, THCP, CBN, CBG…

CDUCBD.com is also the French CBD wholesaler*. We provide a range of high-quality CBD flowers at competitive prices. We cater to professionals across Europe, offering them top-notch CBD flowers at highly attractive rates.
Our highly advantageous wholesale prices ensure an excellent position for retailing CBD flowers.

CBD Flowers at Wholesale Prices, Extensive Selection

  • Finest producer teas
  • Quality e-liquids
  • CBD-infused food oils
  • CBD-based treats
Are you a professional seeking to offer your customers a quality range of CBD products? We’ve got what you need!

Comprehensive Range of CBD at Wholesale Prices

As a CBD wholesaler, CDUCBD offers an extensive array of products designed to meet professional requirements. We’ve curated the best CBD flowers, CBD resins, CBD oils, CBD infusions, along with e-liquids, confections, cosmetics, and various accessories, providing a high-quality choice for your customers.

The Properties of CBD

But why is CBD so popular right now? CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in cannabis. It boasts numerous therapeutic properties, known for its calming and soothing effects, making it an excellent option for managing stress and anxiety. CBD is also renowned for alleviating pain and inflammation, making it a great choice for individuals dealing with chronic pain.

The Quality of Our CBD

By offering your customers quality CBD products, you’re providing them with a natural and effective means of managing their well-being. We’re confident that our CBD products are the ideal choice for professionals like you who aim to offer their customers a range of products with the best quality-to-price ratio.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our range of CBD products. We’re eager to assist you in meeting your customers’ needs.

You can be or become:

  • Independent distributors to purchase our CBD-based products at wholesale prices for your brand (CBD hemp flowers, resins, oils, infusions, etc.).
  • Official resellers of the CDUCBD brand
  • Franchisees

Our CBD Product Catalog for Resellers

The catalog and private access to our special reseller prices based on quantity will be provided to you after contact.
At CDUCBD, we prioritize direct communication with our professional clients, and this is also something they appreciate. At CDUCBD, you’ll find genuine advice on the best CBD products and current trends. CDUCBD is a listening CBD wholesaler capable of adapting to your needs and situation. Our retail reseller clients are considered true partners.

To contact us:

Please use our reseller contact page or reach us directly by phone at: +33 622 601 801.
*Our team is based in Nice and Paris, while our farmers are in Liguria, a region in Northern Italy. We frequently visit these beautiful hemp fields to ensure quality and CBD-rich products.
Please write us on Whatsapp. We speak French / English / Italiano.